first will and testament volume 3

by Jacurutu3

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Jacurutu3 "first will and testament"parts 2 and 3 are a hyperdelic live-to-tape one hour recording split into two parts, performed immediatly upon my coming back from a mental rehab facility. Only $2 for download for each segment...

Throughout my stay at the center I created a device spefically for this one-hour recording.. This unamed-as-of-yet invention built for this project was created for the aim of using "sound triggers" of live improvised sound to activate other specific and non-specific sounds and samples in a random sequence, all dependent upon which type of sound I played to trigger the next bit.

I acted as a "conducter" of several instruments, playing themselves...something akin to "mickey mouse" in fantasia.

The device could be locked onto any given pulse or frequency and be triggered by these sounds I was creating live to activate a sampler filled with past audio-information. Non-linear music would be created by a merging of old material that would be sequenced in a random fashion dependent upon what I played, which would in effect, allow this material to "play" itself.

For example, a live vocal would be set-up to trigger a circuit bent synth. A sample of Electronic voice phenomena would, in turn trigger a sample of random beats. Reaching a certain tone on a circuit-bent guitar would trigger a bank of tape-loops on the sampler, yet another would activate a digital archive of older material I had recorded on cassette, making these "first will and testament" volumes, compilations of past, present and future music re-re-re-performed live and random.

On that note, absolutely no apologies for sound quality of some of this older four-track recorded material. All buzzes and hissing are sounds well preserved as they were, as they are, and as they always will be.

In addition, on these recordings I continue the work I started on "cybernetics sigil / my greatest adventure #80" using a circuit-bent violin inspired by the book, Zanoni, by Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton. In it, an alchemical violinist talks about the legend that there are a certain combination of notes that can be played on a violin, that are not found in the normal musical notation, that can only be found by a combination of faith and random chance. When you strike those notes together, if you were to find them, and in the proper sequence, you leave this world and enter another dimension. The notes are the key. I have hand crafted a new circuit-bent electric violin to accomplish as I believe this notes will not be found using "normal" instrument using "normal" notation but rather a device hand-made. Genesis p-orridge has shared this love of the book and The theories, which i am, in turn.

Music is the key to reach this place. What music originally did in ancient times has been forgotten. One day I will hit those notes and leave this world and if you are listening, you will be coming with me, since your body and nuerology are, to some degree, being controlled by the sounds.


released June 18, 2010

cassette tape manipulation
trance inducing beats
cut ups
contact mics
buzzing and hiss
circuit-bent guitar
circuit-bent violin